Our Mission

Our Mission


Our mission is to advance the legacy of Barbara Mettler's work in dance through activities such as the following:
  •     Provide the continued availability of her written, photographed, and videotaped work
  •     Support research on material from the Mettler Archives
  •     Teach dance based on the principals and materials she developed
  •     Support dance projects based on Barbara Mettler’s work
  •     Collaborate with other organizations with compatible missions to fulfill these goals 

Mettler-Studios class and workshop teachers have extensive study and training through Mettler Studios. They have long-term experience teaching Mettler-based dance and have demonstrated dedication to these dance principles. In order to further the commitment to Barbara Mettler’s teaching principles, all programming and teachers sponsored by Mettler Studios at the Tucson Creative Dance Center, and elsewhere, require approval by the Mettler Studios Board of Directors.

Individuals and organizations wishing to collaborate with Mettler Studios or who have suggestions for Mettler-based programming may request a Grants and Collaboration form. Please contact us to receive this form.  

Mettler Studios, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation originally founded by Barbara Mettler.

We are based at the Tucson Creative Dance Center, 3131 N. Cherry Avenue, Tucson, Arizona 85719 and also support programs nationally and internationally.

Mettler Studios Board of Directors

Mary Ann Brehm, President
Carole Marlowe, Vice President
Robert Cochran, Treasurer
Karenne Koo, Secretary
Shayla Maatuka, Member-at-Large
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